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The Prince Rupendra Pal ji Saheb Bahadur of Kutlehar

A Prince in a socialist country
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London 2006
Welcome to my personal web site!

The layout and the design have changed but the content remains more or less the same as before, but I hope to be adding regularly on and photographs at
Here you'll learn about me; my interest in philosophy and spirituality, about my hobbies such as photography, travelling,collecting antiques, about the people in my family, my friends, and more.

I have been asked by many of my friends why do I not have my own .org or a .com, the answer is simple, as this is my personal site I would like to make the changes personally and as often as I like, and having my site here gives me the freedom do that, sometimes I make changes every other day, if I had a .org I would not have this freedom and would have to rely on someone else to do the work for me, and that would destroy the reason for this site.


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